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just things. im getting around to fixing this


because I haven’t been playing with photoshop for ages, because I have a fetish and because sassy, snarky punk!cas (hipster!cas?) with tattoos is so my jam

"Listen, Winchester, you’ve been checking me out for the last two hours and although I’m flattered because - let’s be serious - my ass looks ravishing in these slacks - it’s getting really frustrating. So either you come to terms with your raging bi-curiousity and let me devastate your beautifull ass upstairs.. or go home and keep jerking off to the fantasy of being sodomized by my gorgeous self." Cas winked. "My tongue piercing looks good but feels even better".
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I never tell people off the bat that I’m gay. I wait. I wait until they say some homophobic shit and then I laugh and am like “you know I’m gay right?” And watch the look of terror on their face.

i like you

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inspired by this video.

"Dean, please just eat your cracker," Cas says for the millionth time as Dean shoves the cracker into his nose again.

He’d just had surgery to fix the tear in his knee and he’s still pretty drugged when he looks up at Cas and mumbles, “Whoa… did the doctor send you?” Castiel huffs a laugh as he shakes his head and runs a hand through his husband’s hair, “No, now eat your cracker…”

"Man…" Dean tries to push himself up but can’t quite get his arms to work right so he settles for looking up at Cas with a really dumb smile on his face, "You are… eye candy." That startles a laugh out of the shorter man and Dean keeps going, "Like… whoa.” He takes a break to finally eat a bite of his cracker, “You… might be the hottest guy I’ve ever seen…” The hunter looks back up at Cas again, “Are you a model?”

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If Benedict and Martin were at the Emmys


Benedict accepting the award: Its such an honour to be here receiving this gracious award. i’d like to thank (lists every single member of the cast and crew) and i’d like to thank my parents who were an amazing addition to the show and i’d like to thank martin freeman for being an outstanding co-star and also mark gatiss and steven moffat for their stunning writing. im very humbled thank you so much to the academy.

Martin accepting the award: fucking right

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